list apps as a table
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$ cnpm install @heroku-cli/plugin-apps-table 
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list apps as a table

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$ heroku plugins:install apps-table
$ heroku apps:table


heroku apps:table

list apps in a custom table

  $ heroku apps:table

  -o, --owned        only display owned apps
  -t, --team=team    team to use
  -x, --extended     show extra columns
  --columns=columns  only show provided columns (comma-separated)
  --csv              output is csv format
  --filter=filter    filter property by partial string matching, ex: name=foo
  --no-header        hide table header from output
  --no-truncate      do not truncate output to fit screen
  --sort=sort        property to sort by (prepend '-' for descending)

  $ heroku apps:table
  $ heroku apps:table --owned
  $ heroku apps:table --team=my-team
  $ heroku apps:table --team=my-team --columns='app name,stack,region'
  $ heroku apps:table --team=my-team --sort='app name'
  $ heroku apps:table --team=my-team --filter='stack=heroku-16'
  $ heroku apps:table --team=my-team --csv

See code: src/commands/apps/table.ts

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