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$ cnpm install bitboss 
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npm install bitboss -g

CLI Commands

BitBoss includes several commandline tools to help with generating keys, working with self signed JWTs, and running a server to interact with BitBoss via REST.


To generate a new private key you can use the key command with the -g option

bitboss key -g

If you need the public key you can use the -p flag

bitboss key -gp


To create a signed token you can pipe a key to token sign followed by the payload.

bitboss key -g | bitboss token sign '{"hello": "world"}'


bitboss key -g > test.key
cat test.key | bitboss token sign '{"hello": "world"}'

You can then verify the token with token verify which will return the full payload if given a valid token..

bitboss key -g | bitboss token sign '{"hello": "world"}' | bitboss token verify


Using wallet server will start a REST server that can be used to verify tokens and create transactions. The server currently stubs out the /transactions endpoint but it can be used for testing.

bitboss wallet server

To verify a token GET /tokens/:token where :token is the JWT and it will return the decoded token payload for valid tokens.


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