Live Reload for Apache Cordova
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$ cnpm install cdvlive -g
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$ npm install -g cdvlive cordova
  Usage: cdvlive <command> [options] [ -- ropts]
      <command>  ...... ios || android || browser || ip
        ios      ...... use cordova run ios
        android  ...... use cordova run android
        browser  ...... use cordova prepare browser
        ip       ...... reset ip address saved in config 
      [options]  ...... --ip <ip address>
      [ropts]  ........ -- <cordova run options>
      $ cdvlive ios
      $ cdvlive android
      $ cdvlive browser
      $ cdvlive ip
      Starts emulator/simulator unless device is attached pass --emulator to force

Tip: For Android is better to have the android emulator running before running cdvlive command



Add Platorms first

Need to add platfoms before running cdvlive

  • To add android run cordova platform add androi@latest
  • To add ios run cordova platform add ios@latest
  • To add browser run cordova platform add browser@latest

Managing Live Reload IP Addresses

By default the cli prompts for ip address to use, it saves the value for later use to avoid prompting all the time if the address is still valid

  • To reset the saved ip address use cdvlive ip
  • To specify an ip address or hostname use --ip flag like cdvlive android --ip

Debugging Cordova on Android

  • Open Chrome or Chome Canary with url chrome://inspect this works for Android 4.4+
  • For Android less than 4.4 use Browser-Sync UI -> Remote Debugger (weinre)

Debugging Cordova on iOS (iPhone or iPad)

  • On iOS device (i.e. iPhone) enable in Settings->Safari->Advanced->Web inspector
  • Open Safari or Nightly Webkit then enable in Preferences -> Advanced - > Show Develop menu
  • Open Web Inspector on Safari or Nightly Webkit then select Develop->(Simulator or Device)

Debugging Cordova on Browser

  • Right click on Web App and select Inspect Element


Use Github issues to report bugs, questions, and enhancement requests


Like the tool? tell your friends and let me know on Twitter csantanapr


Licensed under Apache 2.0


I wanted a tool that was straight forward to use and idependently of any framework


  • console logs in terminal
  • reload/restart app from terminal
  • evaluate string from terminal on device/emulator

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