Apache Cordova create module. Creates new project from default or template
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$ cnpm install cordova-create 
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This module is used for creating Cordova style projects. It also incudes support for Cordova App Templates. It can fetch templates from npm and git.


const create = require('cordova-create');
await create(dest, opts);



Required. Path to the destination where the project will be created. Must be an empty dir if it exists.


Optional. Supports following properties.

    // Attributes to be set in package.json & config.xml
    id: String,
    name: String,
    version: String,

    // The path/url/package-name to the template that should be used
    template: String,

    // An EventEmitter instance that will be used for logging purposes
    // (actually it only needs to implement a compatible `emit` method)
    events: EventEmitter

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