Apache Cordova fetch module. Fetches from git and npm.
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$ cnpm install cordova-fetch 
SYNC missed versions from official npm registry.



Node CI

This package can be used to install and uninstall Node.js packages using npm.



Installs a module from:

  • npm registry
  • git url
  • tarball
    • url
    • file on local file system
  • folder path on local system

Returns a Promise resolving to the absolute path of the installed package.

const fetch = require('cordova-fetch');

fetch(spec, dest, opts).then(pathToInstalledPackage => {
    // Do something

Fetch Parameters

Parameter Description
spec A spec for the package to be installed (anything supported by npm install)
dest Location where to install the package
opts Additional options (optional)
Fetch Options
Option Default Description
save false Adds the package as dependency to package.json iff true


Uninstalls a package from the given directory. Returns a Promise that resolves when removal has finished.

const { uninstall } = require('cordova-fetch');

uninstall(packageName, dest, opts).then(() => {
    // Do something

Uninstall Parameters

Parameter Description
packageName Name of the package to be uninstalled
dest Location from where to uninstall the package
opts An Object with additional options
Uninstall Options
Option Default Description
save false Removes dependency from package.json iff true

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