Apache Cordova tools core lib and API
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$ cnpm install cordova-lib 
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Contains npm modules used primarily by cordova and plugman.

Setup from a cloned repo

  • Clone this repository onto your local machine. git clone
  • Install dependencies and npm-link npm install && npm link

Setup from npm

  • npm install cordova-lib

Note: you will likely also want to get,, which previously lived in this repo but have since been moved.

npm commands

This package exposes the following commands;

  • npm run eslint - runs a linter (eslint) on relevant source and test code
  • npm run unit-tests - runs the unit tests (via jasmine) from the spec/ directory
  • npm run cover - runs istanbul code coverage tool to measure unit test code coverage
  • npm run e2e-tests - runs heavy integration tests from the integration-tests/ directory (WARNING: these take a long time to run and rely on file and network I/O)
  • npm test - shortcut for running the linter, the unit tests and the integration tests

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