Generate a branch-by-branch report of JSON endpoint's weight.
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$ cnpm install json-weight 
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JSON Weight

Quickly identify large branches in JSON API endpoints.

npm install -g json-weight
curl -s http://example.com/api/endpoint.json | json-weight


When conducting performance audits, we found it difficult to determine the shape of JSON API endpoints. Why was the output so large? What was the source of the problem?

json-weight is a simple tool to assist in the troubleshooting of large JSON endpoints.


output-command | json-weight <depth> (optional)

For example:

curl http://code.viget.com/json-weight/endpoint.json | json-weight
curl http://code.viget.com/json-weight/endpoint.json | json-weight 2


curl http://code.viget.com/json-weight/endpoint.json | json-weight 2


0: 67.72kb (31.31kb gzip)
  tags: 0.05kb (0.10kb gzip)
  friends: 66.89kb (30.21kb gzip)
1: 68.98kb (31.74kb gzip)
  tags: 0.06kb (0.09kb gzip)
  friends: 68.00kb (30.45kb gzip)
2: 69.52kb (32.02kb gzip)
  tags: 0.07kb (0.14kb gzip)
  friends: 68.62kb (30.74kb gzip)
3: 70.09kb (32.32kb gzip)
  tags: 0.06kb (0.10kb gzip)
  friends: 69.12kb (31.00kb gzip)
4: 71.86kb (32.43kb gzip)
  tags: 0.07kb (0.11kb gzip)
  friends: 70.75kb (31.52kb gzip)

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