A fully featured RPG (Role Playing Game) plugin for NodeBB
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$ cnpm install nodebb-plugin-openfantasy 
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A fully featured RPG (Role Playing Game) plugin for NodeBB forums.


In the ACP, install and activate this plugin and then restart your forum. Next, go to General -> Navigation and add the RPG to your menu.

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Thanks to everyone involved in the ADR team. It's been a pretty long ride since this started out in 2003 by Dr. DLP. Hope this project will modernize a lot of the code and carry on the legacy that all of the people below shared and played a part in.

ADR 0.4.5

egdcltd, psychobunny, gamecharmer, Ganondorf, ShadowTek, aUsTiN

ADR 0.4x


ADR 0.3x

Dr. DLP / Lapin Malin

ADR Moderators

egdcltd, Ethalic, Ganondorf, Makien, psychobunny, ShadowTek, Sim

ADR Addon Developers

egdcltd, cal361, himmelweiss, LagunaCid, Chaos, vash1468, ShadowTek, NinjaKitten, Makien, ES_Archangel, ProtoJazz, Masterhand, Brinker, renlok, gamecharmer, lordkimark, the_nobody, labelwhore, Escargot, King_Mauri, ± W@r|0rd  Lloyd Black, Markliujy, Ganondorf, Sederien, Agent009, Eternal-Warrior, deksab, Milamber, AnyKiller, Chronic, one_piece, Deadfire, Raven, Azra, Dyrnwyn, FantasyKnight5, ArangeL, Blackpawn, Yanden, grayscale2005, Neirda Jr. Itavodev, lucidliquid, Spirit, Mejandora, theman05, Sim, St Gryphon, Leo, Omadesala, HFD, Zachary Aerogos, FoxPowa, animemaster, OzzieOne, aaop, sledrick, okinawa, agglax, damoose, commander, Cirdecp007, Gfa_Archangel, GuruKast, Dedo, egbeastlord, Avalon, jamieneil, Silke Buthmann, Dragonlord, breakersx, orochi, nhcd, volf, TheYoMan, WDInc., wolfes1126, Rainbow07, Taz, hopefull, weaponx, dgeeze, Hazardu5, MrDSL, Seteo-Bloke, psychobunny

ADR Port Authors

ganondorf, ex0dus (this list is incomplete, there's a ton of you so please send me a message)

...and the hundreds of you that owned and managed your own ADR game! You're important too (all the bug reports haha) so please feel free to contact me and I will list your name here

If I missed any of you email me and I will update ASAP (sorry!). Likewise if you feel that you do not want to be on this list.

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