A simple combat and levelling up system for NodeBB.
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$ cnpm install nodebb-plugin-rps-battle-rpg 
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NodeBB RPS Battle RPG

A simple PvP combat and levelling up system for NodeBB.

Attack other users in chat by typing:

/cast /attack /stealth

Level up your skills in three specializations - Mage, Warrior, Rogue. Rogue moves beat Mage moves which beat Warrior moves which in turn beats Rogue moves.

As you level up, you gain access to newer spells and unlock more abilities.

Caster Moves

Level 1 - Fireball. Launch a flaming sphere at your enemy.

Warrior Moves

Level 1 - Slam. Rush your opponent and swing with your battle axe.

Rogue moves

Level 1 - Shoot. From the darkness, let fly a piercing arrow into your opponent's heart.



npm install nodebb-plugin-rps-battle-rpg

You need at minimum this commit for this plugin to work.

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