A lightweight JavaScript framework for displaying notification popups to users
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$ cnpm install notify-popups 
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Notification is a small JavaScript framework for displaying notification popups to users.

Including is easy and requires no dependencies:

<link href="notification.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="notification.js"></script>

Usage example:

var text = "Some important information!";


You can install notify-popups via bower or npm:

bower install notify-popups
npm install notify-popups


The API supports chaining. Please bear in mind that at the moment not all chaining options make sense and display a notification, e.g."I am not going away!);

Add Buttons

You can add multiple buttons.

Notification.addButton('Close').addButton('Oh yeah').show("Foobar");


buildButton(text, options);
  • text: The text displayed in the button.
  • options: An object containing more options for building the button. Currently classes is supported to add CSS classes to the button ({classes: "c1 c2"}). Moreover with cb a callback can be passed which is executed when the button is clicked ({cb: callback}). When no callback is passed, one is added to close the notification after clicking a button.

Eclipse other elements

When showing a notification it is sometimes useful to eclipse (aka turn down the opacity) of other elements

Notification.eclipse('main', 'nav');


  • ids: String arguments which indicate which elements should be eclipsed. Indication is done via the id attribute of the element. Currently, the opacity is set to 0.5

Show the notification

Displays the notification and sets the shown text."Ou, you cannot close me");


  • text: This text is displayed within the notification box. Can contain HTML, so it is possible to include inputs, links and so on.

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