A Web UI for any CLI written with oclif
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This projects aims to be a drop-in replacement for https://github.com/oclif/command in order to have a web UI for any CLI written with https://oclif.io/


I wrote many CLI tools for developers, because they are easy to use and develop (no hastling with UIs). That's why I also wrote some easy CLI tools for non-technical people, but as they often had no experience with CLIs, they had trouble understanding them at first.

That's when I got the idea to create a tool that automatically creates a nice Web UI for your CLI.


Simply replace any occurence of @oclif/command with oclif-web-ui in your cli code. This should only affect import statements.

Afterwards, run your cli, your browser should open with yn UI view of your commands.

How it works

In the base Command class I intercept the run command and pass the cli config, which contains all information about the cli (commands, plugins...) to a local server class which I then start locally. Afterwards I open a browser and a localhost application (served from the local server instance) uses the cli config to display a nice UI of all commands, flags, options and so on.


  • hooks are not run anymore
  • Implement showing and executing flags
  • Implement showing and executing arguments
  • (UI-)Tests
  • CLI should exit when users closes the browser-window

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