The core `url` packaged standalone for use with Browserify.
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This module has utilities for URL resolution and parsing meant to have feature parity with node.js core url module.

var url = require('url');


Parsed URL objects have some or all of the following fields, depending on whether or not they exist in the URL string. Any parts that are not in the URL string will not be in the parsed object. Examples are shown for the URL


  • href: The full URL that was originally parsed. Both the protocol and host are lowercased.

    Example: 'http://user:pass@host.com:8080/p/a/t/h?query=string#hash'

  • protocol: The request protocol, lowercased.

    Example: 'http:'

  • host: The full lowercased host portion of the URL, including port information.

    Example: 'host.com:8080'

  • auth: The authentication information portion of a URL.

    Example: 'user:pass'

  • hostname: Just the lowercased hostname portion of the host.

    Example: 'host.com'

  • port: The port number portion of the host.

    Example: '8080'

  • pathname: The path section of the URL, that comes after the host and before the query, including the initial slash if present.

    Example: '/p/a/t/h'

  • search: The 'query string' portion of the URL, including the leading question mark.

    Example: '?query=string'

  • path: Concatenation of pathname and search.

    Example: '/p/a/t/h?query=string'

  • query: Either the 'params' portion of the query string, or a querystring-parsed object.

    Example: 'query=string' or {'query':'string'}

  • hash: The 'fragment' portion of the URL including the pound-sign.

    Example: '#hash'

The following methods are provided by the URL module:

url.parse(urlStr, [parseQueryString], [slashesDenoteHost])

Take a URL string, and return an object.

Pass true as the second argument to also parse the query string using the querystring module. Defaults to false.

Pass true as the third argument to treat //foo/bar as { host: 'foo', pathname: '/bar' } rather than { pathname: '//foo/bar' }. Defaults to false.


Take a parsed URL object, and return a formatted URL string.

  • href will be ignored.
  • protocol is treated the same with or without the trailing : (colon).
    • The protocols http, https, ftp, gopher, file will be postfixed with :// (colon-slash-slash).
    • All other protocols mailto, xmpp, aim, sftp, foo, etc will be postfixed with : (colon)
  • auth will be used if present.
  • hostname will only be used if host is absent.
  • port will only be used if host is absent.
  • host will be used in place of hostname and port
  • pathname is treated the same with or without the leading / (slash)
  • search will be used in place of query
  • query (object; see querystring) will only be used if search is absent.
  • search is treated the same with or without the leading ? (question mark)
  • hash is treated the same with or without the leading # (pound sign, anchor)

url.resolve(from, to)

Take a base URL, and a href URL, and resolve them as a browser would for an anchor tag. Examples:

url.resolve('/one/two/three', 'four')         // '/one/two/four'
url.resolve('http://example.com/', '/one')    // 'http://example.com/one'
url.resolve('http://example.com/one', '/two') // 'http://example.com/two'

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