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  • jest-phabricator (latest: 27.4.6) This Repo contains the testResultsProcessor needed to create the coverage map needed by Phabricator to show inline coverage at diff time.
  • jest-serializer (latest: 28.0.0) > DEPRECATED: Use `v8` APIs directly:
  • @jest/schemas (latest: 29.4.3) Experimental and currently incomplete module for JSON schemas for [Jest's]( configuration.
  • jest-get-type (latest: 29.4.3) A utility function to get the type of a value
  • jest-docblock (latest: 29.4.3) `jest-docblock` is a package that can extract and parse a specially-formatted comment called a "docblock" at the top of a file.
  • jest-leak-detector (latest: 29.4.3) Module for verifying whether an object has been garbage collected or not.
  • diff-sequences (latest: 29.4.3) Compare items in two sequences to find a longest common subsequence
  • babel-jest (latest: 29.5.0) Jest plugin to use babel for transformation.
  • jest (latest: 29.5.0) Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  • babel-preset-jest (latest: 29.5.0) > Babel preset for all Jest plugins. This preset is automatically included when using [babel-jest](
  • @jest/core (latest: 29.5.0) Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  • @jest/types (latest: 29.5.0) This package contains shared types of Jest's packages.
  • jest-cli (latest: 29.5.0) Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  • babel-plugin-jest-hoist (latest: 29.5.0) Babel plugin to hoist `jest.disableAutomock`, `jest.enableAutomock`, `jest.unmock`, `jest.mock`, calls above `import` statements. This plugin is automatically included when using [babel-jest](
  • jest-changed-files (latest: 29.5.0) A module used internally by Jest to check which files have changed since you last committed in git or hg.
  • jest-validate (latest: 29.5.0) Generic configuration validation tool that helps you with warnings, errors and deprecation messages as well as showing users examples of correct configuration.
  • jest-watcher (latest: 29.5.0) Delightful JavaScript Testing.
  • jest-worker (latest: 29.5.0) Module for executing heavy tasks under forked processes in parallel, by providing a `Promise` based interface, minimum overhead, and bound workers.
  • jest-circus (latest: 29.5.0) [type-definitions]:
  • @jest/expect-utils (latest: 29.5.0) This module exports some utils for the `expect` function used in [Jest](
  • expect (latest: 29.5.0) This package exports the `expect` function used in [Jest]( You can find its documentation [on Jest's website](
  • jest-diff (latest: 29.5.0) Display differences clearly so people can review changes confidently.
  • jest-matcher-utils (latest: 29.5.0) A set of utility functions for expect and related packages
  • @jest/expect (latest: 29.5.0) This package extends `expect` library with `jest-snapshot` matchers. It exports `jestExpect` object, which can be used as standalone replacement of `expect`.
  • jest-each (latest: 29.5.0) Parameterised tests for Jest
  • jest-mock (latest: 29.5.0) **Note:** More details on user side API can be found in [Jest documentation](

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